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Blog Update – Where Have You Been Dan?

Greetings Blog Readers,

You may have noticed that my blog has not been coming out. That is for two reasons. The first reason is that I am in the process of finishing the manuscript for my next book. It is due next Friday (after a month long extension.) I am writing furiously every day to finish this. I am very excited about the book – one of the first to truly look at men’s relationships from every angle. Much more on this to come!

I feel a bit sheepish, however, since that has meant also suspending my exploration of the Twelve Steps I was doing but it was simply too much trying do a book, travel extensively, and put family first as much as possible.

The second reason is that my good friend and social networking consultant, Brandon Ferdig, is leaving me for the plains of Africa! I am so proud of him and so thankful for his help these past couple of years. He has taught me much and helped me out in so many ways.

I want to take this opportunity to truly thank Brandon for his great topic ideas, blog posts, posts on my Facebook page and the page for A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps, and numerous other things to help me to grow my business. You can learn more about Brandon’s work at: www.theperiphery.com. I am sure you will be able to follow his travels in Africa over the next year at this blog which I am sure will be full of wonderful insights that only Brandon seems to be able to come up with and articulate. He also has his first book coming out at the end of this year all about what he learned as a small-town Northern Minnesota going to teach for a year in China! I am sure he will say more about that through his blog.

I appreciate you following my blog and I try very hard to put out meaningful material.
Thanks again, Dan!

  • Michael Kelberer

    The end in sight! Congrats, Dan!

    • dangriffinmn

      Thanks Mike! Yes…almost there. How goes your writing?

      • Michael Kelberer

        Just had a mystery short story accepted for a local anthology – pumped for that. Non-fiction still looking for a cause :-)

        • dangriffinmn

          that is fantastic Mike! Congrats. what is the mystery?

          • Michael Kelberer

            Sorry – somehow I missed your response. It’s takes place on the North Shore at a Wooden Boat Show (like Grand Marais’ but in a fictional town) where the appearance of a boat brings up an old murder and justice is served.

  • Melissa Killeen

    Keep writing! I know how that is! In August I published my 1st book!
    I am revisiting your blog. Back in 2011, I posted your blog on how Trauma informs men and their recovery. I was going back to see what is going on with you, and I am happy to see a new book coming out.
    I am updating my web site, and listing you as a link and a sober person to watch! My Virtual Assistant will contact you for a back link.
    Notify me as soon as your book comes out!
    Melissa Killeen

    • dangriffin

      Hi Melissa! I am not sure how I missed your response. Thanks for reaching out and for putting my website as a link on yours. I never got the LinkBack notification. Congrats on your book as well – a book on recovery coaching! very needed. Thanks for reaching out.