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Endorsements: A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps

With candor and compassion, Dan Griffin expands the power and significance of the Twelve Steps by providing a deeper understanding of what they mean to men in recovery.“- Stephanie S. Covington, Ph.D., author of A Woman’s Way Through the Twelve Steps

Recovery is more than sobriety. This book is a beacon to guide men through the unique dynamics of the male experience of recovery from active addiction to early sobriety to a lifetime of recovery. This is a practical look at the power of addiction and the promise and possibility of recovery based on the experiences of men who have been through the journey. Read this book if you are a man who wants to experience the promise and possibility of healthy recovery.” – William Cope Moyers author of Broken

“A Man’s Way takes us on a soulful journey through the Twelve Steps of recovery. It is filled with wise and caring guidance about how to live our lives and it is a pleasure to read. Speaking from the depths of many men’s experience, including his own, Dan accompanies us and guides us on a path toward our true self. I highly recommend this book for any man who wants to live a more courageous and connected life.”  – John Amodeo, PhD, author of Dancing with Fire: A Mindful Way to Loving Relationships and Love & Betrayal

“An excellent resource and a valuable addition to men’s work in recovery.” — Karen Casey, bestselling author of Each Day a New Beginning

A wonderful guide for men that reveals how to transform pain, confusion and mixed messages into a deeper and richer sobriety through the Twelve Steps. Dan Griffin does an excellent job of laying out the special issues and dilemmas faced by men in recovery, helping them form better relationships and sort out what it means to be men of substance.” – Craig Nakken, MSW author of The Addictive Personality: Understanding the Addictive Process and Compulsive Behavior

“Dan Griffin’s inspiring book is a real ‘gut check’ for all men in recovery and those still suffering.  This book is a ‘must-read’ for those of us in recovery who seek to reach our full potential through the Twelve Steps.” – US Congressman, Jim Ramstad

“For any man serious about his recovery in Twelve Step programs,  A Man’s Way is a must read. It will take you to another realm of healing that you may not have thought  possible. Written with incredible compassion, it both validates and challenges offering you the promises and freedom of recovery.” - Claudia Black, Ph.D. author It Will Never Happen To Me

“What a gift to men in recovery!  Dan’s book taps into the power of the twelve steps as they relate to men in recovery and offer insight into how men can apply the steps.  The additional chapters that focus on Men and Grief; Men and Relationships and Men and Violence and Trauma offer invaluable information into some of the most challenging aspects of men’s lives in such a way as they can be applied to men’s recovery.  Without question, a great resource for men in recovery and for the clinician, as a tool to recommend to their clients.” – Bob Lindsey, President and CEO, NCADD

“In A Man’s Way through the Twelve Steps, author Dan Griffin leaves no stone unturned.  He beautifully reconciles the fact that men are deeply programmed to be strong, silent, self-reliant, in control, leaders, providers and having all the answers but yet the Twelve Steps require men to surrender, ask for help, die to self, depend on a higher power, clean house and serve others.  Because the Twelve Steps are so counterintuitive to how men see themselves in the world, Dan, and the men he interviews throughout the book, literally offer a practical road map for men who want to experience deep change.  No matter what stage of your recovery – add this book as a guide in your process.  It will unlock your soul. “ – West Huddleston, CEO, National Association of Drug Court Professionals

” A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps by Dan Griffin is one of the best book I have read dealing with men’s issues and recovery. I personally read entries on a daily basis and find it a powerful resource for my own recovery.” - Terry Gorski, author and expert on addiction relapse and recovery

“It’s rare in the culture today to be in a place where men speak deep and brutally honest truth about themselves and their lives. A Man’s Way Through the Twelve Steps offers readers a taste of that kind of experience and the enormous healing power that results. A Man’s Way sets a new bar for the kind of very non-traditional dialogue between men, based on openness, vulnerability, and heart-based connection in the process of recovery from addiction. Dan Griffin and the courageous men who have so honestly shared their stories give us all a look inside of men’s souls. I am a man with twenty-four years in recovery, and an author  involved with men’s issues. This book offers a necessary and helpful fresh look at the twelve steps through very masculine eyes. I also think that Dan Griffin might just become the new voice of men in recovery.”  Earl Hipp, Author of Man-Making: Men Helping Boys on Their Journey to Manhood

“This book is a welcome addition to the resources available for chemical health clinicians. This easily accessible volume will help men who are new in recovery gain some familiarity with the basic principles of Alcoholics Anonymous. Men struggling with a particular step will have a guide to interpreting that step in a deeply personal way.  And most importantly, men in every stage of recovery will have the opportunity to view their journey through the lens of masculine experience.” – Rick Dauer, Clinical Director, River Ridge Treatment Center

A must read for anyone, man or woman, who has moved past early recovery and is moving to the next level.” – Dan Cain, President RS Eden

Truly, this book gives voice to men’s experience in sobriety. Dan Griffin addresses with compassion and understanding the difficult challenges men face when entering a world of recovery, responsibility, and relationship. It is a courageous effort to deal with many of the emotional dilemmas that face men learning to stay sober. Written to compliment and supplement the Twelve Steps, this book is for the man looking to not just be sober, but who is committed to having healthy relationships and a very full and happy life.” – Dr. Larry Anderson, psychologist and expert on men’s issues and trauma

Dan Griffin and the men in this book have taken a brave step in openly sharing their life and experiences in order to create a more open dialogue about masculinity and recovery. This book is a must read for any man in recovery who desires to maintain quality sobriety. “- Dan F., six years long-term recovery

Dan Griffin is courageous in his sharing, inspiring in his healing, and tough in his insistence on men ‘doing the work’ of recovery. He and the men he interviewed have shared themselves without fear so that other men may find their way. And there are no greater gifts these men could give to the women in their lives – or themselves.“- Priscilla Y, sixteen year member of Al-Anon