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Forum: Did Your Child Grow Up to Be Addicted?

parent of addict

As much a nightmare as our addiction was, it’s a whole new terror seeing our children suffer through addiction. Now, in addition to working our program, we might feel guilty for having a hand in our child’s addiction. We worry about our child’s well-being, knowing all-too-well where addiction took us. And we are sorry and sad that our child might be as lost as we had once been.

How have you handled, and what is your experience in dealing, with your child’s addiction?

Were there arguments? Did you suffocate your child with inquisition and monitoring? Did you go to Al Anon or share about your struggles with others? Did you talk with your child about your own past?

Doubtless, there are those reading this who are in this predicament. Please share your insight to help them. If you are one of these parents, feel free to ask some questions of your own.

  • Okwas Jack Beynon

    I have three sons an one daughter.
    I lost a son in a house fire in 1988 along with five others of my family.
    This son was from another marriage.
    Now my living three sons are in fill bliown addiction to an explosive mix of alcohol and heavy drugs.
    They have all tried sobriety but keep going back out.
    I have come to the point now where l will not help them anymore at all.
    It hurts so much watching them an l have now stepoed back an informed my wife an daughter that they are not allowed to stay at iur place. Come for supper once in awhile but that’s it.they all have children involved an its a nightmare everyday seeing hearing about thier escapades.
    I was tired of thier drinking habits long ago but had to let my wife an daughter get to that point. Glad they are there now.

  • craig smith

    I have a son who’s chosen to be an heroin addict despite knowing his dad is a recovering alcoholic addict. And all I can do since he’s a adult is pray for him and tell him we love him and offer to get him help beffore it kills him.