Dan Griffin

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Addiction and Recovery

Dan’s experience working with treatment centers and treatment counselors, working with men in recovery as a counselor and sponsor, and living sober himself for almost two decades provides the experience and wisdom he can offer your group in these presentations:      

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Overview of Addiction and Recovery Process

Do I want to live or Do I want to die?

Tear Down the Wall: Rejoining the Community

Emotional Sobriety

No End to Better

From Self to Service

Young People

Before the Party is Over: Getting Sober in College

Recognizing Signs of Addiction/Misuse

Effective Interventions for College Drinking and Drug Use

On the Path to Manhood: Creating a Foundation for Young Men

Growing Up With Addiction

Family and Addiction

There’s Something Different About My Family

Silence and Secrets

Breaking the Cycle

Growing Up With Addiction

Finally a Family: When a Family Heals