Dan Griffin

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With humor and insight, Dan addresses the topics that touch all our lives:     



Small Steps Walk a Mile

This presentation celebrates the reality of change: the idea that change happens incrementally rarely in the form of major breakthroughs. The challenge in life is to believe that each step can lead somewhere and be meaningful. It is too easy to be seduced by the belief that we are supposed to “arrive” – but it is the journey that offers the true wonder of life and each step is its own breakthrough. Dan shares parts of his own personal story – of failure and successes – to illustrate this idea.

Three Steps to Making Lasting Change

This presentation explores the power of the three step process to change, borrowed from the wisdom of the Al-Anon program: Awareness, Acceptance, and Action. The presentation gives a humorous and realistic way that someone can apply it to their lives. Taken apart each element can be counterproductive to change; together the three provide an opportunity for true personal transformation. Dan shares parts of his own personal story to help illustrate the application of this model.

Transforming Tragedy into Triumph

This presentation looks at the power of pain and hardship to become the catalyst for an individual’s success in life. Dan shares some of the most painful and seemingly tragic parts of his own personal story in a candid and humorous way to illustrate the transformative power of attitude as we realize we can rewrite the story of our lives.

Finding Your Voice

There is the saying: “Speak your truth, even if your voice shakes.” That is often how it starts for many people but those observing can’t see that part. Dan shares parts of his own personal journey from someone who couldn’t speak in class in college to becoming an outspoken national leader in the field of addiction and recovery.


How Laughter Will Save Your Life

Laughter is truly the best medicine. Using some of the research about the healing properties of laughter, Dan explores how to use humor and laughter in a healthy way to keep us connected to the beauty of life. Dan shares parts of his own personal story in a self-deprecating and humorous way to help illustrate this idea.

All is Well

There is truth that all of the mystics over the ages have spoken of: all is well. That despite all of the appearance to the contrary and underneath all of the seeming insanity and chaos, all is well. It is a truth that transcends belief. Dan shares parts of his own personal story and offers practical steps one can take to make this truth a core part of your spiritual practice.

Putting the Fun in Dysfunction

It is too easy to be too serious about all of the pain and problems in our lives. It is too easy to lose our sense of joy and play working in the field of addiction and recovery. In a light and interactive presentation, Dan explores the different ways and provides practical steps on how we can apply humor and the act of play to our lives and the work we do.

Never Give Up

We often hear about the paradox of recovery – one must surrender to win but this is often misinterpreted. Surrender is not giving up and there is a power that comes from persistence in following our hearts and our inner voice. Of course, it easier said than done. Dan shares parts of his own personal story and the numerous seeming setbacks he has faced – and continues to face – to illustrate the power that comes from not giving up.