Dan Griffin

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On Men, Addiction, & Recovery

Dan2 - NADCP - 2011croppedcroppedDan Griffin wrote the first book and co-authored the first curriculum
specializing in the unique needs of men in addiction. His talks are a candid, ground-level, and a magnified view of the struggles often missed by treatment professional and policy-makers. Here are the related talks Dan can share with your audience:

Men and Trauma: The Missing Peaceparticpant feedback

Men and women experience, respond to, exhibit the symptoms of and recover from trauma differently from women. Therefore, the interventions and treatment services we provide to men must also be different. In addition, many treatment professionals may be unintentionally re-traumatizing male participants thereby increasing their risk of failure in the program. This presentation offers practical guidance and tools for professionals working with men in navigating these challenging areas.

Helping Men Recover: Trauma-Informed Treatment for Men

While men’s addiction and mental health treatment has been quite successful there is great room for improvement. This new framework integrates the latest thinking on addiction and recovery, relational cultural theory, male psychological development, and trauma. Current treatment models and theories fail to adequately consider the relational needs of men; often omit a clear understanding of the impact of the socialization process on men; fall short of adequately addressing the impact of abuse and trauma that is so strongly linked with addiction and the life of the male addict; and often ignore any social context and/or the consequences of political, social, and economic power. Attendees will also have the opportunity to go through some of the exercises from the curriculum, Helping Men Recover, co-authored by Mr. Griffin, Dr. Stephanie Covington, and Rick Dauer.

Breaking the Cycle: Men and Trauma

Breaking the Silence: Men and Trauma

Big Boys Do Cry: Men and Grief

Burying the Caveman: Men and Feelings

Walking Wounded: Men, Violence, and Abuse

A New Kind of Man: Men and Spirituality

Embracing the “We”: Men and Relationships\

Separating the Boys From the Men

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