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Men and Relationships: The Battle – Book Preview

heart battle

Have you ever thought about how hard it is for you to love the people in your life? I do not mean a perfunctory love but a true love that comes from a place of acceptance and letting go of needing to control. A place of emotional awareness and authenticity. I feel that battle frequently.  But my training – our training…… More

Do Men Care About Relationships – The New Battlefield


The process of recovery is one of the greatest tools to help us in the re-training to be men and how we show up in our relationships. This book, focused specifically on relationships, is one additional tool you can put in your tool belt to be successful in your relationships. A map that you can…… More

The Promise of Love


Love is the only sane and satisfactory answer to the problem of human existence. ~Eric Fromm What greater gift of sobriety is there than the ability to Love? To love another. To love ourselves. To love Life itself. Love often feels like jumping off a diving board, blindfolded, praying to God there is water in the pool.…… More

Is She Okay?


I was nineteen when my Aunt Eileen died. Sophomore in college. She had been sick for a long time. That was the Fall of 1991. Other than a babysitter who was tragically killed while crossing a busy street, it was my first real experience with death – and this time I was not only allowed…… More

Is it Supposed to be This Hard?


The short answer: yes. And, no. So it’s complicated. Welcome to Love 101. Or maybe 102. Hell, it could even be part of your masters degree – love doesn’t stop becoming complicated as long as there are two very human people involved. It does seem that the better we get at it the more we…… More

Love, Sex, and Intimacy


In our addiction we are often disconnected from our bodies and disconnected from life. That makes it difficult to experience sex as something other than an act. It certainly was difficult for me. It was primal. With enough liquid courage I could talk to women. With enough luck they would be interested in me. Then…… More