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The Anonymous People


September is National Recovery Month.  So many people in recovery are not just anonymous, they are invisible. It is everyone’s choice how open they are about their recovery just as with any part of their life – but it is clear our silence is deafening and is preventing us from being able to truly help all of…… More

Forum: Did Your Child Grow Up to Be Addicted?

parent of addict

As much a nightmare as our addiction was, it’s a whole new terror seeing our children suffer through addiction. Now, in addition to working our program, we might feel guilty for having a hand in our child’s addiction. We worry about our child’s well-being, knowing all-too-well where addiction took us. And we are sorry and…… More

Forum: Were/Are You Afraid of Passing on Your Addiction?


Recently, a friend shared that he thinks his 15 year old daughter is exhibiting–has since she was 10–the same kinds of “addictive” behaviors he remembers having as a teenager: lack of moderation when it come to food, etc. He summed up his observation to me and some friends by saying he thinks “she’ll find her way…… More

Forum: How public are you about your recovery?


I recently read an article on CNN by the blogger, Betsey DeGree aka Mom Off Meth. She simply wrote about her addiction and recovery. What I actually found most interesting about the story were the comments. Because while most were supportive of this mother of four, a couple people were critical of her making headlines out…… More

New Book Creation: A Vision for You

I have a vision of the men who are my heroes. The men who have guided me along the path of this very messy journey of recovery. Let’s celebrate this vision of a new man. A man who knows the value of his relationships and is not afraid to show it. A man who puts as…… More

Energy Drink Addiction: An Infographic


Courtesy of thefamilycompass.com, we can tackle a topic that has probably run through the minds of many in addiction, but yet isn’t brought up too much because better to be consuming energy drinks than our prior drugs of choice. While that’s true, it’s worth looking at the issue of energy drinks–and even coffee–because the “high”…… More