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There Once Was a Guy from Nantuckett….

The webinar on IntheRooms about sex was a HUGE success. Thanks to everyone who was a part of it!

These last three blogs were all so quite serious about sex! You might be thinking, “Geeze, Dan, can you lighten up about sex?” Yes I can! Here are some homegrown limericks. Yep, limericks. They may seem a bit crude and immature. They might not even be all that good. But they’re original and I wanted to have some fun. Be sure to comment and have some fun, too! Heck, even write your own limericks. Without further ado…..

I trust the research saying I need four orgasms a week!
I hope the ones are wrong who say that I’ve already peeked!
Late night soirees clothes in a ball on the floor
Ecstasy approaching, carefully watching the door
But to have someone else join me is what I REALLY seek

Gigalos, Furbees, swingers, S&M, even on a leash like a pup
Ball gags, leather suits, MILF’s, and everything else that “pops” up
Whatever floats your boat – between two (or more) adults – both consenting
The stuff that people come up with is Kra-Zee – ideas are never ending
I just recommend you stay away from 2 Girls, 1 Cup! (If you’re not sure what this refers to DON’T look it up. Seriously.)

How do I love sex? Let me count the ways
I love it at night, in the morning, and the middle of the day
On the floor, the couch, the car, and even riding a horse
Call it the beast with two backs, bumpin’ uglies, or good ole intercourse
“The best two minutes of my life” I’ll often hear her say